MyMark Baseline


  • Quarterly testing of every significant biomarker (up to 40)
  • At-home sample collection with a prepaid shipping label
  • Access to our intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app
  • Personalized recommendations from our medical team
Available in France and the UK only

One time


How it Works


Receive Your Kit at Home

Once you place your order, your sample collection kit will be delivered to your doorstep


Collect Your Sample

Collect your sample by finger prick and send out with the provided prepaid shipping label


Processing and Review

Your sample will be processed by CLIA-certified labs and your results reviewed by board-certified physicians


Explore Your Results

Review and explore your results on our secure mobile platform, and receive lifestyle and dietary recommendations.

What We Detect

(numerous types)


Cardiovascular Disease

Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis

Alcohol-related Steatohepatitis

Renal Disease

Metabolic Syndrome

Hypo and Hyperthyroidism

Liver Disease

Nutritional Deficiency

Endocrine Deficiency

(Male and Female)

Prostate Cancer






Vitamin D Deficiency

Also provide indications of:
Liver and Renal Cancer

What We Test

Cardiovascular Profile

A cardiovascular profile completely analyzes overall heart health and potential risk of cardiac disease.

Protein Panel

Proteins play many roles in the body, from aiding in biochemical reactions totransporting and storing nutrients. Protein imbalances can be particularly detrimental to athletic performance.

Liver Profile

A liver profile measures key enzymes to indicate overall liver health and functionality, particularly important for athletes given its central role in managing energy levels and detoxification.

Kidney Panel

Kidney chemistry should be evaluated to potentially expose disorders such as diabetes, electrolyte imbalance, or renal disease.


This panel analyzes the most commonly used indicators of diabetes, a chronic condition that even athletes can be susceptible to.


Hormones are signaling molecules that contribute to the control and regulation of your physiological processes and functions.


These markers measure inflammation within the body, potentially harming immune and/or organ function.


Electrolytes are minerals that are necessary for proper cellular function. Imbalances can lead to many serious conditions and may also be associated with renal disease.

Complete Blood Count

A complete blood count (CBC) measures various aspects of the three main types of blood cells; red cells, white cells, and platelets.

Iron Profile

It is important to monitor iron levels, as either a deficiency or an overload can be dangerous. Physiologic iron levels can correlate with athletic performance.

Vitamins & Nutrients

Micronutrients are central to normal bodily functions, and your body requires specific balances of each to function efficiently.


A thyroid panel provides a clear visualization of thyroid functionality. This is especially important for athletes, given the thyroid’s central role in metabolism and muscle function.

What’s included in your kit

  • Finger prick lancets
  • Gauze pad
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • Bandages
  • Microtainer tubes or blood collection cards
  • Biohazard safe shipping box
  • Envelope with prepaid shipping

What to Expect

Individualized Results

Explore results and detailed explanations for each individual biomarker

Detailed Analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your current health status and whether your levels might indicate disease

Personalized Plan

Get personalized advice and easy-to-follow actions plans based on your results from our medical team.

Why MyMark?

Best Practices and Partnerships

We only use FDA-approved, reliable, and well-established at-home collection methods and materials, while making sure the process is quick, easy, and non-invasive. Our tests meet the highest standards for at-home collection and are approved by local board-certified physicians.

Highest Quality Labs

We only partner with CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs, which means they meet some of the highest standards for clinical testing.

Most Affordable

We are the most affordable option by far for what we offer. We truly believe that the information we provide should be accessible to everyone and our mission is to continue to offer our products at the lowest price possible.